Best Creative Minecraft Servers

22 January, 2023

Best Creative Minecraft Servers

When Minecraft was first released, Survival and Creative were the two original game modes. Anyone could create their own game world and spend hours, days, or even months building whatever they wanted.

I have spent thousands of hours in Minecraft's Creative mode, and my imagination is stronger than ever. My hands have built entire cities. They have built entire cities, including towers, castle walls, bridges that span miles, underground mines and railway connections, small towns, hidden enclaves, as well as ships, towers, and castle walls.

Minecraft is, at its core, a multiplayer game. It is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world to be able to build a large project with your friends or your significant other. You don't need to spend time looking for building materials or crafting material. Creative is the best game mode. It's possible to focus on a shared vision, or dream.



A1 Craft is currently one of the most creative Minecraft servers. This server boasts a 100% up-time which makes it stand out from the rest when it is concerned with running game servers. It's difficult to find a time in the day or night when this server doesn't have at least a few hundred people.

The community has grown quite a bit and the game modes available match the diverse playerbase. Creative, Skyblock, Skywars and Towny are all available.



Lich Craft claims that they are the number one Minecraft server. It's easy to see why. The server has a 100% up-time and has more than two-thousand active users at any given time. This is impressive enough on its own.

Creative is not the only option. Players can also enjoy Adventure, MineZ and Skyblock. This is why so many players are active in the world at all times.


FadeCloud may not be the most popular Minecraft server, but they make an impact on the Creative community. Their server is home to over 500 players at once and has a 99 percent up-time.

Creative building is much easier when there aren't more than two thousand people blocking the server. With so many people, a Minecraft world as big as Minecraft can quickly become small.

Are you not feeling creative? You can enjoy Hunger Games, Pixelmon or Prison, as well as Skyblock.

Badlion Network


Badlion Network may not offer the most game options, but it has the best, with over two thousand Minecraft players enjoying their time every night.

Badlion is a great Creative server, but it also allows you to play Faction, PvP and MCMMO. Creative is my favorite because you can build a huge city or structure with thousands upon thousands of players to worship it.

EDAWG878 Creative


Another Creative Minecraft server is here, and they consider themselves to be number one in the game. EDAWG is all over YouTube, Google for the builds completed within the game - mainly in Creative mode.

Spigot, Roleplay, PvP and Roleplay are also available. This community of over 300 players shines in creative, with the incredible structures they create. For example, the image shown above is one of many mansions that players have built using their own hands.

Mineslam Network


At 10 AM, Mineslam has more than 200 players playing the various game modes on the server. The popular Minecraft network server is usually online 99% of the time and often has well over 100 players at any one moment.

Mineslam is a Creative game mode server. It's known for its beautiful builds and a vibrant community that's full of new ideas and content.

The towers featured in the header image are some the most innovative structures, welcoming new players into the world.

DRC Network


DRC Network has over 400 active players and is rapidly becoming the Creative Minecraft server to choose. Although the lobby's intro lobby looks a little odd with all the orange flooring greeting new players it is clear that a lot of effort was put into this area.

There are several major cities on the server. Be wary of griefers.



Many people will recognize SquadCraft from YouTube videos. There are many aspiring content creators who spend their time in Creative or Faction, MineZ or Prison mode.

You'll find a welcoming community ready to welcome you as you visit the castles and dragon heads built into the sides of mountains.

Plus: You can always get on a YouTube video to become an extra.


Although Hellcraft might have a rather ominous name, the majority of this Creative server seems to be built in a similar style as the Spawn or Hell comics. However, this shouldn't discourage you from exploring this interesting server.

Their welcome sign is quite unique. It simply states "Welcome To Hell Craft", but it is held high in the sky and made from burning Nether Rock.



Meepcraft boasts one of the most robust in-game economies in Minecraft. There are new mini-games added all the time. We are more interested in the Creative side of the server.

Residents have built entire pirate ships, cathedrals and military-style forts. They also built Roman-styled cities. This is the type server where you can spread your wings to flourish. You and a few hundred others players, of course.

It is up to you to decide what type of Minecraft server you want. A multiplayer server, just like the game mode itself, has its own community and feel. This community is just as important than the building you choose for your creative adventure.

Find a group of people to join one of these servers and share an idea for a great team building experience. While most Creative players have an idea in mind, they are open to new content.