Minecraft Stranger

28 November, 2022

Minecraft Stranger

Although Minecraft doesn't yet have any official Stranger Things DLC (at least not yet), it was only a matter time before people started building things using the Netflix show. It's not that horror is antithetical to Minecraft's core values. You can just stumble upon the Warden and see why. However, it takes some effort to make Minecraft truly creepy in such an adorable game.

Redditors Fiki and Biki, Redditors from Reddit, decided to build the Creel House out of Voxels. Reddit was used by them to post images of the build. The photo editing on the first image really adds an unease to the whole project. You can watch the build on YouTube if you are interested.

Editing has made most of the edge imbued, but little things like removing leaves from The Upside Down version help tremendously. Some players suggested that it would be a great idea to create a nether portal in an overworld one and warp through it. Then recreate the house around it perfectly. This would be a great way to replicate the show and it is just a solid idea for an individual map.

It takes a lot of effort to recreate things perfectly. But imagine running through scenes from the show in both he nether and overworld. All scenes are identical, except for the various enemies. It would be a terrifying experience.