Play Minecraft with Friends

18 November, 2022

Play Minecraft with Friends

Minecraft has been a popular video game for years. Although many people may believe that Minecraft's popularity is due to its expansive features and seemingly endless possibilities for single-player, the real reason is the ability to play Minecraft together with your friends, even if they are far away.

While Minecraft singleplayer is great, it can be even more fun to play multiplayer with other players. There are many options for playing with friends. These include LAN servers that allow you connect with other players on the same internet, Realms that allow you play across the globe, and servers, which allows you to play modded Minecraft alongside your friends. You might be wondering how to play Minecraft online, and which option is the best. This guide will explain how to connect and play together.

Joining a LAN World in Minecraft

Minecraft allows you to connect with your friends via LAN. This will only be available to other members of your local network. You can create a LAN network by connecting to your wifi at the house of a friend.

How to create a LAN world

Open Minecraft and join your single-player Minecraft world. To open your Game Menu, press the Escape key. After selecting if cheats are allowed and which game mode you wish to give your users, press "Open to LAN" and then "Start LAN World".

How to join an LAN world

1. Click on the "Multiplayer tab" in Minecraft.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of this list and you will see a message saying "Scanning for gaming on your local network".
3. Once it finds the globe, you'll see a listing called "LAN World" under which your friend username and the name of the world will be displayed.
4. Double-click it to join or select it and click "Join Server".

How to Make A Minecraft Server for Friends

A Minecraft server is a great way for friends and family to connect through Minecraft. Your own server is better than any other option because you can change it beyond vanilla, it can be set to any version of Minecraft, and there are no limits on how many players can join. However, you will need a powerful server depending upon how many players you want to connect with online. Minecraft Java Edition is a great way to have fun with your friends.

You cannot join a Bedrock Edition Server from your Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch or other similar platforms. It can only be accessed from a PC (Windows 10 Edition), IOS and Android.

Apex Hosting is the best place to create a server. Although you can create one on your own computer, it is not recommended. Many factors go into owning a Server such as DDoS protection and 24/7 uptime. Apex provides all of these services.

How to make a Minecraft Server

1. Go to our pricing page. There are a variety of plans available. Here is a guide to how much ram you'll need.
2. Once you have decided which plan you want, click on "Order Now" and follow the instructions.
3. After you have paid for your server you will receive an email containing all of your account information to our Game Panel. Apex creates the server for you.
4. Your IP address will be displayed on the Game Panel. This can be used for connecting to the server.

How to join the Minecraft Java Edition Server

Open Minecraft, and click on the "Multiplayer" tab.

1. Click on "Add Server" towards the bottom. Enter any name under "ServerName" and then enter the IP address and port of your server. Finally, click on "Done".
2. Once you have pressed done, you will be taken back to the multiplayer tab. You should now see the server listed. Select the server you wish to join and click "Join Server". Now you should be connected to the server.

How to join the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server

1. Open Minecraft and click "Play".
2. Click on the "Servers" tab and then click "Add Server".
3. Fill in any name as "Server Name", then enter the IP address and port in the "Server Address” slot. Next, fill in "Port" with your server port.
4. Click "Save", scroll down, and click on the server you wish to join.


You can also use Minecraft's built in Realms if you don't want to host servers. Realms doesn't allow mods/plugins to be used, it restricts player slots and limits who can join, and it is quite expensive for what you get. You also don't get the benefits of server hosting like 24/7 support, one click modpack and gametype installation, the ability to create public worlds that anyone can join, etc. You can still play Minecraft with your friends on Xbox, PS4 and Switch.

How to make a Realms Server Java Edition

1. Open Minecraft and click "Minecraft Realms".
2. Click on "Buy Realm" at the bottom of Minecraft. This will take to Minecraft's website, where you can sign up for a subscription.
3. If you have a Realm already set up, you will see a listing. Click "Subscribe" to go to Minecraft's website.
4. Once you have made payment, you can return to the Realms tab of Minecraft. You should see the listing with a green glow. Click it, then click on the "Play" button.

How to join the Realms Server in Java Edition

1. You must have been invited to join a Realms Server.
2. To invite someone to your Realms go to Configure Realms and then click the Players tab.
3. To send an invitation to your friend, click on the + button and enter their username.
4. You will see a small icon called "New Invitations!" at the top of your Realms pages. Click that to see the Realms to which you have been invited. Select it and hit "Play".

How to make a Realms Server in Bedrock Edition

1. Click "Play" to open Minecraft
2. You will need to be on the "Worlds” tabs in order to access this page.
3. You can create a new Realm if you're logged in to Xbox Live. Click that to create a new Realm or use one already created.
4. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial if you don't have an account. Click on the section titled "Realms", and then click on the listing to create your Realm.
5. Click on "Buy Now" to pay your first month. Follow the instructions.

How to join the Realms Server in Bedrock Edition

1. To join a Realm, you must be invited.
2. Click on the pencil icon beside your Realm's name to invite a player, then click "Members".
3. Click the "Share" button to open an invite link. This link can be sent to your friends. This will prompt them sign in/signup to their Xbox Live account. Then it will add them into your Realm's Whitelist.
4. Click on the "Friends Tab" to invite your friend to your Realm. You will see a list of available Realms. Click to join.

It's time for you to join the Minecraft world with your friends! There are many ways to join Minecraft, so it may be difficult to choose the right one for you. The LAN option is best if you are looking to play Vanilla Minecraft with other people in your house. A server or Realms are best if you want to play Vanilla Minsk with a few friends around the globe. The server is more affordable than realms, as they are usually cheaper than the Realm's $3.99 starting price for 2 players. Minecraft Servers allow customizations like mods and plugins. They also allow for global expansion so that your server can be used by more people than your friends. Apex allows you to access our premade gametypes and modpacks, 24/7 support, customized game panel, and 24/7 support. Although all of this information might seem overwhelming, once you get the hang it it is not difficult. Minecraft is a lot more fun when played with friends.